What A Project Management Certifcaition Entails

There are many different career fields for an individual to choose from. Such decisions really do depend on their interests and their strengths. For instance, project management is great for individuals that work well with other people, are leaders, can give direction and are able to oversee a complete project from start to finish. For this type of career field, PMP Certification is a must.

What The Certification Means

Project Management Professional is internationally recognized and is offered by the Project Management Institute. The requirements to get the certification includes registration to become a member of the institute. Then, it is necessary to take courses that will satisfy the required 35 hours of education requirements. Finally, submit the application online, schedule and pass the PMP exam.

Level Of Difficulty Regarding The PMP Exam

The exam to get certified as a project manager is rather difficult. It is 200 questions long and is given in a span of four hours. The questions are multiple choice, but they are written to be difficult to test the person’s understanding of the subject matter, as well as their ability to problem solve.

Length Of Time It Takes To Become A Project Manager

First, it is important to note that a four year degree is necessary to become a project manager. The degree obtained can be in business management, or it can be a specialized field such as marketing, computer science and other areas. From there, about two and a half years of work experience are necessary, as well as project management education.

Jobs Available For Those With Certificates in Project Management

Individuals that have a certificate in project management can hold various work titles. Such titles include a project engineer, operations manager, project manager in construction, IT project manager and much more. Project managers are needed in every sector of business and various companies worldwide.

A project manager must have the skills to lead a team on a project from start to finish. They must have the people skills to interact with them and give them direction on a daily basis. Finally, they must be able to use the necessary software to track various aspects of the project’s progression.