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Facts About The Japanese Sake That You Need To Know

The Japanese sake is a wine made out of fermented rice. It is called Nihonshu in Japan which means Japanese alcohol. It has become extremely along with other cultures of Japan. This is because it has a rich history with stories of pride and ceremony.

In order to make a Japanese sake, you need a clean good water source, rice, koji mold, and some yeast to ferment. Most of the popular Japanese sake available in the market have an alcohol content of about 15 percent and sometimes even as high as 17 percent.

There are no clear records as to when the Japanese people started fermenting rice to make sake. But a lot of Japanese people believe that sake was invented during the period when rice agriculture became popular in Japan. There are many other stories about how it came to be.

They say that during the 500 B.C. in China, their people chewed up rice and nuts and then spit the contents of their mouths into a giant tub. The covered ingredients together with the saliva would turn fermented sake.

Going back to Japan, the koji was discovered around the Nara period in 710 to 794. The koji was a groundbreaking discovery that changed the way of how sake was being fermented. It only needs to be added in order to ferment the rice. Koji is being used to this date.

Back then, the Japanese government had control over the production and manufacture of sake. Soon after, the Japanese temples and shrines took over. Then in the late 1800s, everyone was authorized to make sake. This resulted in an increase of the production of sake. However, due to the huge tax payments, only the biggest companies succeeded in it. Today, it is considered illegal to homebrew sake without a license. In addition, since the Japanese people were accustomed to eating rice, they started adding alcohol to sake.

There are various sake brands and types of sake available. It really boils down to how much you would like your sake to taste like. You can begin with the top-ranked sake brands in Japan. You can find many sakes being sold online and at liquor shops.

Do you have any idea whether you can use sake when cooking? Yes, you can use sake for any dishes just like any wine.

Sake is extremely perfect as a drink during appetizer. It can also be paired with other parts of the meal. This is very true for the Japenese since sake is considered a ceremonial or formal drink.

Lastly, the proper pouring of sake is straight from the bottle and directly to its shot glass. You pay your respect when drinking sake by using both of your hands. It can be enjoyed both hot and cold.