Is It Time for a Website Redesign? These Signs Say Yes!

One of the best marketing tools a business owner has is a website. A well-designed website will inform the general public of the benefits offered by the products and services a business markets. The worst mistake a business owner can make in regards to their website is setting it up and forgetting about it.

Just like any other marketing tool, over time, a website will have to be revamped and updated. Allowing professionals to help with this process is the best way to avoid mistakes. The following are some of the things a business owner may notice when it is time to have a website redesigned.

The Website is Not Mobile-Friendly

Nearly half of the traffic a business website receives will come from mobile device users. If a website is not designed to be responsive, it can lead to a business losing a lot of potential sales. Mobile users will not stay on a website that requires them to resize each page to read text or view images.

The only way to address this issue is by working with an experienced web designer. These professionals will be able to make a website responsive in no time. The money paid to these professionals for this type of help will definitely be worth it.

No Sales Leads are Being Generated

If a business website has been up for a few months and no leads have been generated from it, the chances are good it needs some work. The content on a website will need to feature relevant and popular search phrases. Using the right keywords will increase the number of people who find the website via organic searches.

Most business owners don’t have the experience or the time to do this type of SEO work on their own. Instead of making mistakes, a business owner will need to find a marketing agency to give them some help.

Staying on the cutting edge of marketing technology can help a business owner create a competitive edge. With the help of customer relationship management software, a business owner can reach out to their existing customers with specialized offers. If a business owner is looking for more information on this software, they can check out this great read.